Hinged Feeder Conveyor




It is a machine used in applications of transporting solid materials based on the concept of articulated pans that roll over tracks.


It is usual to bolt the pans to the chain which is made of rollers linked by studs. The chain it is used both to carry and drive the trays.


The motor-reducer act over the driving shaft, usually installed on the conveyor head, which is attached to sprockets that drive the roller chain.


At the tail, an idler shaft with another set of sprockets is used to return of the chain and as a chain-tightening system. Due to the machine configuration, the pans or trays have a series of folds on each side to help the joint movement.


The chain lubrication system is done adding oil to the roller chain. It is usual to install a Variable Frequency Device (VFD) in order to increase its flexibility.


Both, the driving and idler shaft, are mounted over bearings.


Depending upon application, the trays can have dragging plates according to the product to be process.