Fixed Bottom Chain Feeder PANZER


The fixed bottom chain feeders have a well proven design from the beginning of the 20th Century, generally in harsh conditions. For this reason, it was used primarily in underground mining, where reliability, strength, and easy of maintenance are necessary. Since 1998, year in which was adapted and applied the design of the first PANZER feeder used in wastes, numerous references show their performance with Urban Solid Wastes, demonstrating their strength when they are load with electrohydraulic cranes and their leak-prove design with difficult residues.

The PANZER concept is very simple. A driving shaft acts over sprockets, which moves one or more heavy duty chains that are attached to a series of poling plates, that transport the residues over the steal floor. This bottom, which is easily replaceableis attached to the heavy duty frame, being able to support huge stresses. This gives to the design its strength and leak-prove design, two of the most important characteristics for the application.

The simplicity of the design allows for an enclose design, incorporating at the tail a system that prevents the accumulation of residues on the return. The poling plates drag the exiting residues from the return to the top part, incorporating them again to the production.



Due to the enclosed design, the cleanness underneath the feeder is a fact, since nothing falls from it. In case of the existence of liquids or lixiviates in the residues, these are collected and canalize to the specific sewer. To the two main characteristics mention above, we have to add also the cleanness, taking into account the significant impact in the labor reduction in maintaining clean beneath the feeder. Prove of it, is that several of our customers have dedicated the room underneath the feeder as maintenance shop or warehouse.

In order to get enough flexibility to adapt the machine to all the different working conditions, we recommend to install always on the feeder a Variable Frequency Device (VFD), making possible to adjust the speed, and therefore the flow.

In the same way, we recommend to install a current inverter that will allow to remove jams, although it will not be probable.


When we use both electric accessories, we will get a great flexibility in order to adapt the equipment to all the different types and quantities of materials.


It is also important to mention the ease of maintenance and the small amount of spare parts required to operate the machine, assuring a great reliability.